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Pvt Greene's Hootch

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Eliminate your debt!

I'm just an old, ex-Private E-1, who served proudly from 07/63 to 02/68.

Primarily, this site will feature just about any damn thing I please! From excerpts from the upcoming book,

"There's A Funny Side to This War Also or Four Years, Six Months,and Two Days in the Life of a Marine"

by Robert Farraday-Greene and Allison Reed,

to links for everything under the sun!!!

Some the links are for Affiliate Programs that I am associated with. Hopefully, you'll buy something, and/or join one or more of them yourself. As the hated Martha S. would say, " That's a good thing!"

Anyhoo, you probably clicked a link or a banner to get here, so you must be interested in SOMETHING I've got to offer, so enjoy!!!

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"There's A Funny Side To This War Also or Four Years, Six Months And Two Days In The Life Of A Marine"
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