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Pvt Greene's Hootch
DEBT RELIEF (and more)


The Story Behind The Book | The Book | THE SIXTIES...REVISITED | The Sixties...Revisited II | PVT GREENE'S SHOPPING GUIDE | DIRECTV | DISH NETWORK | PRINTER SUPPLIES | DEBT RELIEF (and more) | Affiliate Programs now offers MORE than just Debt Consolodation!!!
NOW you can also get long distance for LESS!!!


If you are a U.S. resident with $4000.00 or more in UNSECURED DEBT, you may be able to:
 Cut your monthly payments
  by up to 50%
 Reduce or eliminate those high
  interest rates
 Consolidate your monthly bills
  into one easy payment
 Avoid New Loans
 Avoid Bankruptcy

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Compare prices of long distance carriers and SAVE $400.00 NOW
~4.5 cents Anytime Long Distance
~100 Free Minutes
~Low Flat Rate
~No Monthly Fee
~No Contracts
Don't be afraid of smaller long distance carriers - they often provide excellent service for much less.

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