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Pvt Greene's Hootch


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If you've come this deep into the site, then you must be a curious, cool cat whose nine lives spanned at least part of the Sixties!!!

Here you'll find some of the sights and sounds that will hopfully have you saying things like "Wow!!! Remember those?" or "Boy, does that bring back memories!!!"


These were just some of the sounds we were groovin' to in 1962, when Bobby decided he just HAD to get away from the city or he'd end up dead or in jail!!!
(click on a title to download)

If I tried this one now, I'd cause myself permanent damage!!!


The Twist

Yes, I WAS a rebel!!!

The Crystals

He's A Rebel

Wish I could remember how to do this one!!!

Little Eva

The Locomotion

When I was 16, Sherry would have been proud of me; I could HIT those high notes!!!



1964...I'm sure you'll remember THESE hit songs
but do you remember what you were doing then?
Do you even WANT to???

Rember when your...

The Supremes

Baby Love

Made you feel...

The Dave Clark Five

Glad All Over

But came the...

The Four Seasons


You realized...

The Zombies

She's Not There

The first protest singer

The Times They Are A-Changin'

1963...At 17, things were getting hot for Bobby in the city; and NOT just because it was July!!! Asked his folks if he could join the NAVY...

Ahhhh! Tar beach!!!

The Drifters

Up On The Roof

Walkin' like a man and RUNNIN' like a kid!!! Usually from rival gangs 'cause he's out-numbered or from the cops...just 'cause!!!

The Four Seasons

Walk Like A Man

Do some of these take you back???


Vintage record player
Boy, have times CHANGED!!! This USED to be state of the art!!!

BEFORE Herbie!!!

1965~~~Left Japan after shooting two Japanese     nationals...went to Hawaii, Okinawa and then....VIET NAM!!!

I know, I was 1965 and there was that whole race thing...but EVERYONE wanted to sound like these guys!!!

The Four Tops

I Can't Myself(SugarPie HoneyBunch)


Like A Rolling Stone

The Byrds

Mister Tambourine Man

"Satisfaction", by the Stones, was BANNED from Armed Forces Radio, so as not to get the boys thinkin'... about what they were thinkin' about when they weren't thinkin' about stayin' alive!!!

Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones

(I Can't Get No)Satisfaction

The One and ONLY, Godfather of SOUL!!!

I Feel Good

(still more to come...ya'll come back now...)

"There's A Funny Side To This War Also or Four Years, Six Months And Two Days In The Life Of A Marine"
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