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The Sixties...Revisited II


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Due to the TREMENDOUS impact The Beatles had, on music in general and the Sixties in particular, I felt that a separate page should be devoted to THE FAB FOUR

Here are only a few of their songs that were popular during my Marine Corps career, 1963 to 1968

All of these are in .ra format. Real Player required to download.


1962~~~The Beatles are still across the sea but these tunes
are already hits!!!

Love Me Do

Please Please Me

1963~~~The Beatles begin the "British Invasion"
Bobby joins The Corps

From Me To You

Roll Over Beethoven

Originally done by Chuck Berry


Twist And Shout

An old Isley Brothers' hit


1964~~~And the hits just keep on coming!!!
Bobby goes to Camp Pendleton, CA

Tell Me Why

A Hard Day's Night

You Can't Do That

1965~~~More hits now than I can tell you!!!
Uh Oh!!! Bobby goes OCS (Over Choppy Seas, NOT Officer Candidate School!!!) and VIET NAM!!!

Day Tripper


In My Life


Norwegian Wood

Nowhere Man

Ticket To Ride

We Can Work It Out


You're Going To Lose That Girl

1966~~~Good tunes this year!!!
Yay!!! Back in "the world" once again!!!
Boo!!! Baaad accident...broke leg, broke!!!

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